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Opening Day! 04.08.2022

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

So glad you stopped by! We are so excited to finally launch Lobes & Lenses. We've been in the lab since December 2021 in preparation for this day. We welcome your feedback, but keep in mind we're artists and we're sensitive about our sh*t! Kidding, not kidding LOL! Seriously though...with all new businesses, there will be hiccups, but nothing we can't manage. The lines of communication are open. Use the Contact Us form on the Home page for any questions, concerns or inquiries about customizations.

As we continue evolve & grow, we hope that you'll come along with us. We'll try to keep a little something for everyone in stock, but we also want you to enjoy the exclusivity of having one-of-a kind pieces. That being said, don't get mad at us if something is sold out if you slipped when you looked the first time. Hopefully, you'll see something else that lights your fire,. Keep in mind that we'll be restocking (with new pieces) weekly at minimum.

In the meantime, what styles are you looking forward to more of? Any color combos you want us to explore? Any materials you'd like us to try? Anything on the site that you just had to have?

Oh and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @LobesandLenses and always hashtag us when you're rocking your pieces #lobesandlenses

-MD :-)

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